Salute to USS Ray SSN-653
Memorabilia and Photograph Album

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Subron 6 patch USS Ray Patch Subron 4 patch

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Subron 4 patch provided by John Curley RMC(SS), CWO, LT. (ret)
John and I served together at NavSubTraCenPac on Ford Island.
Tnx again John..

            Stern Shot USS Ray

Photographs from USNI (4 available)

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Bruce Dillon An excellent color photograph of USS Ray along side L Y Spear at the Norfolk DSN piers in 1973.  This photo was taken at approx 0200.
Floyd Turner Floyd submitted 32 photographs from his album.  These photographs cover the early years, including Launch, Commissioning and a couple of award ceremonies.  There is also a Bow Hook article from 1985.
Bob Mhoon  One of the original submissions for ships patch that was not selected. (nice patch)  Card advertising the GoGo Club in St Croix.
(and promises of more to come...)
Thomas Clarke Crew photographs, lots of plank owners.
Ed Smith Re-enlistment with wife Louann and Cmdr Charles Moore (Charlie Tuna)
Mark Thompson Good crew photographs taken in 78-82.
Jeff Schwarz Very Large Page, lots of memorabilia!  Commission and Launch booklets, 'ORIGINAL' artwork for the Ray patch.  (note background color) Newspaper articles about the commissioning, and lots more.
Harry Collins Re-enlistment photographs. August 1971.
Doug Albright 4 Photos from Alpha Trial, personnel, and ships divers.
Don Shelton 90 photo's taken in 69-70.  15 categories.
LINK to Photo Album. USS Ray Commissioning Party. Photographs by:
STCM(SS) "Coyote" Carlson, Plank Owner USS Ray.
LINK to Photo Album. Arctic Operations photographs
and narrative by ET1(SS) Parker.
Photos Arctic Operations Photographs by QMCM(SS) Standlee.
John R V Jones Memorabilia and Photographs.  Welcome Booklet, photos, Change of command, Entering Charleston
PJoyce Cartoons and crew photographs
Randy Stringer VERY LARGE PAGE!  Welcome booklet, hats, buckles, much much more..
Crew members   Remembered by ST1(SS) John Jones
George Williams 1970 Christmas Card,  Lighter,  Plaque,  Buckle,  Hat,   Postal Cover..
Blue Nose Cards!  Blue Nose cards issued for being above the Arctic Circle

MM1(SS) Joe White.  1989 Med Cruise
Photograph of USS Ray in the Med during a 1989 Med cruise.
The target behind Joe's right arm is USS Forestall
Photograph provided by MM1(SS) Joe White

Three SSN at 90 North

This photograph was taken at the North Pole on 6 May 1986 during Operation ICE-EX. That's USS Ray in the middle along with USS Hawkbill (SSN 666) and USS Archerfish (SSN 678). This is the first time three submarines had surfaced at the North Pole at the same time. Look who showed up for midrats!

This photograph was provided by Larry Fries EM2(SS) who was on this exercise.

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