Slideshow from RAYmen who sent single pictures.
1967-RAY-colored 1969-Capt Hirt's wheelbarrow-1 1969-Capt Hirt's wheelbarrow-2 USS Ray (SSN-653)  color photo II
SS(N) 653 port side sea trials Ray Belt Buckle SteveJones-UnderDolphins QUALFC-nsn-removed
QUALBC RAY-NewLondon subron6p Coyote  Coyote
BobDonnieVirgilRuss 1982-COB-O'Connor 1982-GoatLocker USS Ray SSN 653 oubound past Fort Sumter
USS Ray SSN 653 in Norfolk after Hurricane Hugo hit Charleston 1989 USS Ray Hawkbill Archerfish at the North Pole 1986 USS Ray Hawkbill Archerfish at the North Pole Icex 1986 NNS&DD-Article-Ray
20130406-AfterBatteryPigRoast-CarlsonBergHicks  Carlson-Berg-Hicks, 2012 Pig Roast GDU evolution of the american submarine poster by sfreeman421-d3duzah BackOfRPCP-Decomm
1983-Goats AntiqueSubmariner WhenItWasCool TheCrewHasMutinied
TreeJohnson,GeoMurray,FrankAlton,LarryFaller Cape Canaveral 1991 RPCP-1990 Augusta Bay 1990