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Story submitted by MM1(SS) Chris Norton
After Chris Norton MM1(SS), Plank Owner, USS Ray told me he built the wheelbarrow for "Duo Stonus Max", I ask if he agreed. Here is his reply…
Do I agree with the wheelbarrow story??? After what the CO did with the boat, I lay claim to being the one who made the statement first that "he needs a wheelbarrow to carry his balls in". As I say, I’m also the one who machined the wheelbarrow. Yes, you could say I agree with the story. I only think that it would be unwise to get specific about what was done to deserve the title "duo stonus max" whom was coined, if I recall, by one of the twidgets in ECM.
I do have some stuff that I can scan in and fax or email. I have all of the commissioning fufraw and things of that nature. I have a few pictures of the Nassau trip where Sam M. (I won’t mention his last name as he still may be married to the same woman as then), Wade Nowell and myself were thrown out of the (naturally) Dolphin hotel for diving into their swimming pool with the secretaries from St. Louis that we had met there. It was NOT our fault that we thought the second story was the diving board, NOR was it our fault that we were naked. I suppose someone could blame us for the fact that Murray got stabbed in the ass with a butter knife because we laughed at the guy who was trying to mug us in the alley by the market place; but I think the best part was when Sam ran into the traffic podium with the Oh So British traffic cop on it and knocked him into the dirt. Actually he was somewhat pissed about it. Actually I don’t remember too much about Faslane myself. I do remember Schwartz, myself, Nowell and Merry and four scottish lasses in a morris minor. I’ll recant that one later.
I will correspond more later, but right now I have students waiting to be led astray so will have to sign off for now.
Just tell everyone to remember that without us nukes, the noseconers would have had no way to get anywhere.
Chris Norton