Here are some pictures from RAYunion 2017. If you have some pictures or videos you'll share, send them to

I can download pictures from these slideshows as follows.
1. Select the Slideshow. Find the picture you want in the thumbnails.
2. Double-click on the thumbnail to get the full-size picture.
3. Right-click on the picture and select Save Image As …
4. Tell the machine where to save it.

Coyote Carlson's pictures of the RAYunion Hospitality Room & a few from the Banquet

Dolores Carlson's pictures of the RAYunion Banquet & Sunday 2pm Harbor Tour

The Last Day in the hospitality room

Picture from Ed Novak and other single inputs

Chris Breidinger's pictures

Some of Joe White's pictures. Go to
to get that set (a few hundred).

OR you can pick all of them up here a few hundred at a time. See note above if you want to download a few.
Originals 1-199
Originals 200-399
Originals 400-599
Originals 600-799
Originals 800-999
Originals 1000-1199
Originals 1200-1300

Virgil Block's SCORPION Material