Left for anyone who needs them.

Here are some pictures from RAYunion 2017. If you have some pictures or videos you'll share, send them to rayunion2017@o1c.net

Coyote Carlson's pictures of the RAYunion Hospitality Room & a few from the Banquet

Dolores Carlson's pictures of the RAYunion Banquet & Sunday 2pm Harbor Tour

The Last Day in the hospitality room

Picture from Ed Novak and other single inputs

Chris Breidinger's pictures

Some of Joe White's pictures. Go to https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10213145835102124&set=oa.10155449477201942&type=3&theater
to get that set (a few hundred).

OR you can pick all of them up here a few hundred at a time. See note above if you want to download a few.
Originals 1-199
Originals 200-399
Originals 400-599
Originals 600-799
Originals 800-999
Originals 1000-1199
Originals 1200-1300

Virgil Block's SCORPION Material