Bottom Guns and Targets

There are only two types of naval vessels:
Submarines....... and Targets!

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Dolphin with Port/Starbord eyes

The Submarine Warfare Insignia (Dolphins)

A gold or silver embroidered or metal pin showing the bow view of a submarine proceeding on the surface with bow planes rigged for diving, flanked by dolphins in horizontal position, their heads resting on the upper edge of the bow planes. The submarine insignia signifies the wearer is knowledgeable in his watch station, his submarine and its characteristics, and is a trusted member of the crew.

Dolphins are the traditional attendants to Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea and patron deity of sailors. They are symbolic of a calm sea.


The two "ships" I served on while in the US Navy: 

  USS Ray SSN-653 Nuclear Attack Submarine.
And a page for her namesake USS Ray SS/SSR-271

USS Telfair APA-210,  LPA-210, Attack Troop Transport,

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From my Dolphin (Submarine Insignia) Collection:

Saluting : Denmark


Click [HERE] for information on Dolphin Collecting

Submarine Recycling Program
Pages relating to the recycling (scrapping) 
of Nuclear Submarines at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard:

Submarine Recycling Page (SRP)  from Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS).

These photographs were taken by air and boat (a small surface craft).  Photographs and names of 14 submarines being "recycled", i.e. scrapped. (This is a very large page)  Only truck loads of scrap metal leave the dry-dock.  If you wear Dolphins, these will not be happy scenes!
UPDATE: Click HERE for photographs taken by Don "Snuffy" Smith of the 590 boat.  These photographs were taken July, 1998.  In 2000, the 590 boat completed "recycling" process.

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS) Final resting place for all Nuclear Ships/Submarines

PSNS handles the scrapping of all US Navy Nuclear Powered Vessels.  Photos of many submarines and surface craft along with some historical facts.  Photos of FBM's that have been cut in half to remove their Reactor and Missile Compartments. The halves were rejoined and refloated. Photos of Missouri, New Jersey, Long Beach, Midway, Ranger, Holland, Triton.  Triton Information updated.  October 1998 photograph, and anonymous story about an Engine room flood while Triton was in storage at Norfolk.  Missouri and New Jersey are no longer located at PSNS. 


This article was written by William Galvani, Director of the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport, Washington. Mr. Galvani describes the condition of submarines he toured in search of items to display at the museum. The submarines are at Mooring Alpha, PSNS, Bremerton Washington waiting final disposition.

The article is a reprint from  "Submarine Review"  of the Naval Submarine League. This article is reprinted with NSL permission.

Link to NSL page:

Dolphin Painting
The art of clandestinely painting Submariners Dolphins on Surface Craft!

Great Story!   
"Dolphin Painting" Story anonymously contributed

Painting by
USS Sculpin SSN-590
(click the star)
  "Dolphin Painting" Story anonymously contributed

Painting by
USS Sculpin SSN-590
(click the star)

A  photo of the Dolphins described on the left has been submitted!!

Painting by:
USS Sculpin (SSN-590)
(click the star)

See the Dolphins the 
USS Permit (SSN-594) crew painted on USS Chicago.

Click on the star to get the whole story then check out the USS Permit home page.

Reactor Comp. Tunnel 1969

(Left) ET1(SS) 
Donald J. Shelton
USS Ray (SSN 653)
July, 1969.


At sea aboard "Jewel of the Sea"

I never got called 
to stand a watch???

12/31/2002 Paris

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