Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
(Bremerton Washington)

Final resting place for all US Nuclear powered Naval Vessels.
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See additions under USS Triton, SSRN-586

Many of these photographs were taken by my father LCDR Cecil Shelton (USNR-ret) during Kitsap Harbor Tours "Navy Ship Tour" in Aug 96. I took photographs in May of 1997.

The tours depart from the USS Turner Joy (DD-951). Turner Joy is a full restored Destroyer that is open for tours. (even the Engine Room!)

(From their brochure)

"Enjoy a 45-minute narrated tour of the Navy Shipyard and Mothball fleet aboard our first class USCG-certified tour boats. Experience an up close look at dozens of modern and mothballed aircraft carriers, cruisers, submarines, and other types of ships, including the world famous battleship USS MISSOURI. Tours depart from the USS Turner Joy." (360) 792-2457

Midway, Ranger, Long Beach, Virginia, Arkansas, Texas, Triton and RAY are there too..

SRP. Ship Recycling program.

All Nuclear vessels are recycled at PSNS in Bremerton, Washington. When the ship/sub arrives, the core of it's nuclear reactor is removed (if not done previously at Pearl Harbor or Norfolk, Va.) and the vessel is placed in line for SRP.

Core material is sent to Hanford, Washington. Reactor Compartments are removed intact, welded up, then shipped by barge to Hanford, Washington for burial.

The rest of the vessel is cut up and the various materials are sold for scrap. Submarine's have a lot of very high quality steel that can be recycled.

(To visit my SRP Page, click here...http://DonShelton.net/djs-srp1.htm) Photos from May 97.

USS Turner Joy
Turner Joy (DD-951)

Last of the Forrest Sherman Class. Keel laid 9/30/57. Launched 9/30/58. Commissioned 8/3/59. Decommissioned 11/27/82. Naval Memorial 1990. Open for tours 08/13/92

Built by Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Co of Seattle Washington.

Named after Admiral Charles Turner Joy (1895-1956), veteran of WWII and Korean War.

August 2, 1964 the MADDOX (DD-731) was under attack 28 miles off the coast of Viet Nam. The TURNER JOY was ordered to join the MADDOX. Two days later the TURNER JOY was under attack by North Vietnamese Torpedo Boats. Gunners claimed to have sunk or damaged 4 gunboats. This Gulf of Tonkin incident was the major turning point for the US involvement in the Viet-Nam War.

Turner Joy received 9 battle stars for gunfire support off the coast of Viet Nam.
Turner Joy is located on the Bremerton Boardwalk in Downtown Bremerton Washington.

Link to a USS Turner Joy page. Includes Reunion Information.

Large crane being repainted, known as "Hammerhead" built in 1933. Lifts 250 tons!

Inactive Ships FacilityRecycle

Holland AS-32
USS Holland (AS-32) - Submarine Tender

Commissioned 9/9/63. Built by Ingals Shipbuilding, Pascagoula, Mississippi.
Length 599 ft. Beam 83 ft. Draft 24 ft. Last "HUNLEY" Class
First HOLLAND was Submarine S-1 commissioned 1897

USS Holland (AS-32) decommissioned at PSNS 9/30/96
Link to a USS Holland Site [HERE]

This ship is IX-518, the former submarine tender USS Proteus (AS-19). She has been converted to a barracks ship which is now used for berthing, dining and classrooms. Link to a USS Proteus Site [HERE]

This is the former submarine tender USS Sperry (AS-12). She is awaiting final disposition. PCB's and asbestos create special disposal problems for her.    Link to a USS Sperry Site [HERE]

These two photographs were taken by me in May, 1997.

Long Beach CGN-9
Nuclear Guided Missile Cruiser Long Beach (CGN-9)

First Nuclear Powered Cruiser
Built by Bethlehem Steel Co, Quincy Mass.
Keel laid 12/2/57. Launched 7/14/59. Commissioned 9/9/61
Deactivated 7/2/94. Decommissioned 5/1/95 in Norfolk, Va.
overhauled at PSNS 4/7/92 through 10/3/92

Link to my USS Long Beach page.


By Joel M. Huston

CGN-38 Virginia (Left) CGN-39 Texas (Right)

Link to Paul West's USS Texas page.

Surface Craft from Top:
CGN-38 Virginia, CGN-39 Texas, CGN-9 Long Beach
100 foot of the stern on Texas has been removed so she can fit in the scrapping dock with another CGN.
Photo 5/17/97 by Don Shelton

Two Submarine Reactor compartments ready for shipment to
Hanford, Washington for burial.

These three photographs were supplied by Joel M. Huston.

Lot's of excellent photographs. There is one photograph taken in morning light that makes excellent Windows 95 wallpaper! This photograph can be found under "clickable image map".

Thomas Jefferson. Note length. Reactor and Missile Compartments have been removed and sections rejoined. Next is Edison, RAY (hidden), Lapon (E on sail).

Baton Rouge, Madison, Seawolf, Clay, Bancroft, Wilson, Lipscomb, Greene, Jackson, VonSteuben

Same as above, good view of Bancroft and Seawolf

Triton Patch
Triton (SSN-586) Two Reactors. First to circumnavigate the earth submerged.
Click Here To read about the flooded engine room,   
and see the October 98 photograph of Triton. 

Submarine Sails
A dry-dock full of Submarine sails...
(SSN-605 is USS Jack)

Ranger (CV-61)

Midway patchWelcome Booklet
Midway (CV-41)
Commissioned in 1945, named after the battle of Midway
Decommissioned 04/11/92, Arrived PSNS under tow 05/12/92

Length 1001'6" Widest dimension 258', displaces 70,000 tons
Conventional propulsion, 200,000 shp, top speed 30+kts, 4 props (18' diameter)
Flight deck over 4 acres, 2 catapults, 3 aircraft elevators
Crew 4,500 Plus
ships fuel capacity 2.23 million gal. Jet fuel capacity 1,241,534 gals.

Midway has seen action from WWII through Operation Desert Storm

Link to Buzz Nau's Midway site. MANY! photographs.

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