Overview - left for posterity, nothing new here, move along.

The 2017 RAYunion will be held in Norfolk, Virginia over the Memorial Day holiday in late May. The host hotel will be the Hilton Norfolk The Main Hotel (it's on East Main Street in downtown Norfolk).


In addition to our RAYactivities, there are a number of attractions you'll want to see in your free time. Downtown Map. Area Map.

Here's a link to the Visit Norfolk web site (or phone 800-368-3097). You can ping them now to get literature sent to you about the various things to do in the area. Visit Norfolk's office is a block from the hotel, handy for our use during the RAYunion. Here's another of their web sites that lists phone numbers for various organizations you might want to have.

One of us, Charlie Jett, of the PreCommUnit and first couple of deployments, wrote a book entitled Super Nuke. Yes, it's about RAY. But it's also a memoire of his entering the Navy and USNA and how he found his way into the PCU RAY and how RAYs work contributed to further submarine deployments.. Highly recommended. If you bring a copy, he'll autograph it for you.