This is left for future guidance of people arranging submarine tours.

The Virginia class Submarine Tour will take place Saturday May 27 from about 1000 to 1430. Bus arrangements and exact times later.

Send e-mail to Chew Howson at to sign up for this tour
BEFORE 01 APRIL 2017. Full Name, Date of Birth, and SSN are REQUIRED. Read the cautions below before signing up. If you don't trust e-mail, send USPS mail to him at 176 Temple Landing Rd, Kingsland GA 31548 or call him at .

There will be a cost associated with this tour, about $15 to $20.

Here is some useful information from the SubLant PAO office
    Attire:  We recommend casual attire. Please do not wear skirts, heels or open-toed shoes as all guests must enter and exit the submarine via a 10-foot vertical ladder. Loose fitting clothing can be dangerous and should not be worn. Sturdy, comfortable flat shoes with non-skid soles are recommended. It is best to avoid white or light colors. Space is very limited so please limit the size of any bag you carry.
    Photography/Recording Devices:  Photography/videography is not authorized on board a Navy submarine. All cell phones, cameras, video recording equipment, or other electronics with similar capabilities will not be allowed on board and must be stored in your vehicle or left at the guard shack prior to crossing the brow.
    Smoking:  There is no smoking on board U.S. Submarines.  This was a policy in affect as of 1 January 2011.
    Ship’s Memorabilia:  Please bring cash.  The submarine may have some small memorabilia items (ball caps, cups, t-shirts, etc.) for sale onboard if you are interested in a souvenir.
    Cautions and General Safety:  Guests should not accept this invitation unless they are in good health.  Navy submarines, by their very nature, present certain hazards not normally encountered ashore.  These hazards require persons on board to exercise a high degree of care for their own safety.  Do not operate equipment or switches, position any valves, or enter any posted areas without prior approval from the ship’s force.  Be aware of where you place your hands.  Never grasp things such as cables or wires. Please be aware that the ladders on the submarine are vertical and there will be walking and climbing involved in the tour.  If you are claustrophobic or have other physical ailments, it may be better to forego your visit.
    Security:  Many features of a submarine are of a classified nature.  The radio room and the propulsion plant spaces are security areas into which access may be granted only to authorized persons.  Information concerning speed, depth, weapons, fire control, and reactor plant equipment and operations is classified.
    Emergency Procedures:  In the unlikely event that an emergency situation arises, alarms will sound and the word will be given.  You are requested to stay where you are and remain clear of all passageways and operating areas.  Do not obstruct ladders, hatches, or watertight doors.  Allow ship’s personnel to perform required action without interference.  The member of the ship’s company in charge at the scene will explain the situation as soon as he is able.