These links will remain here for some time for your use. Hopefully I'll make some download-able.

We are soliciting photos to build into slideshows that we can watch in the hospitality room and banquet room. If you have any you can loan or give us, please see the contacts page and tell us what you can do.

When you move the mouse on a picture, the Slideshow controls become visible.

I can download pictures from these slideshows as follows.
1. Select the Slideshow. Find the picture you want in the thumbnails.
2. Double-click on the thumbnail to get the full-size picture.
3. Right-click on the picture and select Save Image As …
4. Tell the machine where to save it.

Here is a link that takes you to the Pictures part of Don Shelton's old web page. Some of these didn't make the transfer to this web-site.

Here you can scan John Jones's pictures from the old Don Shelton website.

Pictures from the 2010 RAYunion by Marks, Carlson and others.

This is the Ship Recycling Program (PSNS) taken by Don back when.

Tom Clarke's pictures of RAY sailors in the 60's.

Randy Stringer's pictures are here.

"Archived" per Don Shelton. Some are hard to view because they had to be stretched. Probably shot by Don in the Early 70's.
Please help identify the people by frame number.

Jeff Schwarz, Bob Mhoon, Owen McCoy & others pictures of the Launch Brochure, the Commissioning Brochure, some Newspaper articles and the Commissioning Ceremony and a few from the Commissioning Party (1966-67).

Daniel Fuqua's pictures from Ice-Ex 1986 - great pictures

Dan Marks' 1977 New Years Eve party pix

Joe White's pictures - 87/88 Northern Run, 89/90 Med Run, 2011 Bench Dedication

Paul Joyce sent in some great pictures

Captain Buzz sent in some nice photos

Miscellaneous pictures here - the onesy-twosy's from various places

Fist CO Al Kelln pictures - mainly post-Navy activities

… and here's the show with ALL the pictures to date (22 May 2017)

Captain (later Rear Admiral) Kelln's greeting to the RAYunion 2017 Banquet.

From our commissioning Engineer:

What our people should know is that the Ray was completed in the shortest time of any nuclear submarine. I was the first officer to report and Bob Kennedy was soon after. We also set the NNSB&DDC record for the most deficiencies submitted. Clearly the performance after commissioning stands for itself. This was the result of an outstanding engineering department. Reid Smith.